Madrid Climate

The climate in Madrid is ideal for travelling. Because of its high altitude Madrid sees slightly unusual, but equally pleasant weather for Spain.

At 650 meters above sea level in the center of the Iberian Peninsula, close to mountainous ranges, Madrid is subject to varying temperatures each day and night and more drastic changes between seasons.

This is not something to fret over though because you can almost always expect comfortable weather especially in spring, autumn and most of summer (sometimes it gets really hot!).

In the winter, it can get rather frosty with temperatures dropping below zero. Its close distance to mountains is also responsible for bringing in some of the cleanest air into the city year round for locals and tourists to enjoy together.

Spring in Madrid is one of the only times where it may rain for more than a day in a row. For the most part though, the climate is quite enjoyable, especially in the later month of May. March and April is usually long sleeve weather with an average temperature of about seventeen degrees Celsius. In May it is consistently above twenty degrees easing you into a nice and hot summer.

If you like it really hot then August is the time to go. Temperatures here can surpass forty degrees Celsius and is almost always hotter than thirty degrees. June and July are the ideal months to visit for most travelers. The hot weather makes it perfect to play sports, take long walks exploring the city and spend long nights outside with new friends. Also, there is very little humidity so it is a very enjoyable heat.

September and October are great times to check out the city, because it is not blistering hot but is still nice enough for the city to be bustling outdoors. Really, only from November to February is it cold in Madrid, with average temperatures hovering around ten degrees Celsius. It can sometimes drop below zero however and bring with it the occasional light snowfall.

However, Madrid looks quite picturesque with a thin layer of snow and always has great events year round.

Madrid Climate Chart