Flamenco in Madrid

Flamenco in Madrid

Spain is famous for being the Flamenco capital of the world. Madrid has a long tradition of appreciating this art form for over three hundred years. Some of the most talented Flamenco performers blossomed in Madrid, going on to become world-renowned.

Flamenco dancers on Plaza Mayor in Madrid

There is a large Flamenco culture in this city, which includes radio stations, magazines, newspaper sections and most importantly countless numbers of clubs, bars and restaurants that consistently play Flamenco music and often have Flamenco performances.

If you are interested in seeing a live performance then your best bet is to go to one of the restaurants that feature Flamenco artists, grab a nice meal, some tapas and a nice bottle of wine and then enjoy the beautiful combination of sensual dance and catchy guitar that makes it hard to resist tapping your foot along to the rhythm.

Corral de la Moreria tablao flamenco restaurant is the best place for this experience. With authentic Spanish cuisine and some of the best performers in the business this place is usually packed so make sure you go early. This restaurant has been open for 55 years and has only gained prestige in this time. Many flamenco legends have stomped on this stage over the past half-century and many future stars will continue to perform here.

There are some popular places to watch shows that are a bit more commercial, but nonetheless a great time.

These venues include Taberna Casa Pastas, where tapas are served the entire night; El Mago; Clan; Torres Bermejas, popular with celebrities; Cafe de Chinitas, one of the oldest flamenco clubs in the old city; Candela; and La Solea, where local, authentic music is created nightly.

Really, no matter where you choose you will get the experience of a lifetime.

There are many other bars and taverns in Madrid that offer great shows so put on your dancing shoes and get out there.

Flamenco Shows

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