Toledo & 4WD Tour

The first stop on our guided tour will be the beautiful museum city of Toledo, declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. One of the oldest cities in Europe with buildings blending architectural styles, including Arabic, Gothic, Mudejar, Renaissance and Baroque. Toledo is known as the “city of three cultures”, since Christians, Muslims and Jews lived there together. Toledo was home to the great painter El Greco in the 16th century.

We will see the most emblematic sites and continue with a guided tour of the Primate Cathedral of Toledo. Its architecture is a wonderful example of Spanish Gothic style. We will stop off at the church of San Tome, which contains El Greco’s masterpiece, The Burial of the Count of Orgaz.

We will delight in the best views of the city from the tower of Los Jeronimos Church.

Entering the church we will discover one of the city of Toledo’s magical hidden gems. A monastery of cloistered nuns. Here, we will savour typical Toledan marzipan, the jewel of the city’s pastries.

The nuns will show us a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries.

After spending the morning in Toledo, we will head out to the Finca El CastaƱar farmstead, located in the Montes de Toledo mountain range, just one hour from Madrid.

The farmstead and estate offer a unique range of possibilities that cannot be found elsewhere, for those who enjoy observing nature and wildlife.

We will start by relishing a tasting session, trying Iberian wines and products made on the farmstead following traditional methods. These methods, together with feeding the Iberian pigs with acorns from the farm itself, the climate and the degree of humidity, are essential elements giving the products an exceptional quality.

The session features Iberian ham, one of the jewels of the Spanish pantry. We will also be able to taste other Iberian ham products such as chorizo and loin. All of this comes accompanied by Manchego sheep’s cheese and virgin olive oil.

Then, accompanied by our professional guide in an open-top 4WD truck we will take a tour of the “Conde de Mayalde” fighting livestock, and visit the fauna and flora of the farmstead with second-to-none environmental quality.

The tour will feature Iberian pigs, Manchega sheep, olive groves and the vineyards of the Finca El CastaƱar farmstead.

The farmstead features the “Conde de Mayalde” fighting livestock. We will behold the beauty of the livestock in a 4WD truck on this site, which was founded in the 1930s. Furthermore, we will also learn about the farm work, in particular the “tienta” of the cows, testing their bravery and nobility, to select suitable cows for reproduction.

This unique spot is ideal for traditional hunting in which the hunters continue set up as per the tradition described in the King Alfonso 11th Book of Hunting, and all hunters can enjoy vast open hunting zones.

At the end of your tour (the experience lasts around 9 hours), you will return to the centre of Madrid in a comfortable minibus, where your guide will be able to recommend things to do during the rest of your stay.


  • Discover Toledo, a medieval city declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO, accompanied by our official guide.
  • Behold the Gothic Primate Cathedral.
  • Unearth Imperial Toledo and its Jewish Quarter.
  • Make a stop at a cloistered convent and meet the nuns living there.
  • Savour the Toledan marzipan, a home-made dessert created to a centuries-old recipe.
  • Surprise yourself with the best views of Toledo from on high, climbing to the top of a bell tower, one of the city’s hidden gems.
  • Take a 4WD-truck tour of a 12000-acre farmstead that belongs to the Spanish royal family and discover its flora and fauna.
  • Be enraptured with an exclusive tasting session of Iberian products, all made in-house, including acorn-reared ham, chorizo.
  • Savour the sheep’s cheese and olive oil produced at the farmstead.
  • Relish a tasting session of La Mancha wines from the Toledo farmstead vineyards.