Madrid Nightlife

Madrid is known for many things but its nightlife should probably be at the top of that list. Going out in Madrid is a truly unique experience because you never know where you are going to end up. Bar and club hoping is the norm as you jump from one exciting terraza to the next.

Like most of Spain, the evening starts around ten o’clock P.M., but the night does not start until well after midnight. Late dinners are the custom here after a nice, long siesta; but make sure you take your nap because it will prove vital later on.

Clubs go in two waves in this city: the first wave lasts until around 2:30 AM and then the second wave of clubs starts, and that goes on until well past sunrise.

If you are not used to falling asleep when the sun has already risen you may want to bring a sleeping mask. Believe it or not, this happens most nights spent out in Madrid.

It is most important to just go with the flow when you are out in this nocturnal city. There are so many amazing parties spread throughout the city you really can’t go wrong. That means go exploring, talk to locals, join a pub-crawl, try your feet at flamenco.

Don’t be so concerned with what you are wearing, no one else will, so dress comfortable and make sure you feel good. Madrid is different than most party cities and has a more laid-back atmosphere than the typical clubbing scene. That doesn’t mean the parties don’t get wild. In fact it’s exactly the opposite – things can get messy, but always fun.

Selection and diversity is key in Madrid’s nightlife. From midnight on, they have got something for everyone. There is a potpourri of live music, pubs, flamenco, clubs and everything else in between. Cafes and restaurants transform into outdoor clubs, pubs go from relaxed to rowdy and the dancing kicks into the last gear.

There is always a new, hot area to party in so talk to someone at your accommodation but you can’t go wrong checking out La Latina and Malasana. Madrid is home to some of the trendiest clubs in Spain. Try a mojito at Soul Station.

Check out Tupperware if you want a retro flashback into the past. Party where Hemingway did in Museo Chicote, a cocktail club over 80 years old.