Avila is one of the most picturesque cities in all of Spain, especially at nighttime when the yellow glow of the old homes illuminate the small town and its historic border.

Around an hour drive northwest from Madrid, Avila, like Toledo, makes a great day trip from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Avila is most famous for its medieval walls that close in the city. These walls made the city a stronghold against enemies. Due to its high proximity atop a hill it was ideal for war.

This also means that the climate here is usually quite chilly. Summers are not as warm as the rest of the country and winters are often long and blistering. However, there is no bad time to visit because every season gives its own unique, stunning view of history.

The walls that surround Avila are now considered the largest, totally illuminated monument in the world. Over 12 meters tall and 2500 meters long, the walls are impossible to miss.

They were built in between the eleventh and fourteenth Centuries and have managed to still stand the same way they did one thousand years ago. Built in the Romanesque style, these walls are unique to Avila in all of Spain.

The city is also famous for its tremendous number of churches and cathedrals. The most famous of which is the Cathedral of Avila. Over seven hundred years old it is a must see in Avila. There are many other things to see in your visit including the Basicila de San Vincente, Palacio de Don Diego del Aguila and the Real Monasterio de Santo Tomas.

Many museums are spread throughout the city as well. These include the Provincial Museum of Art, the Museum of Avila, the Museum of Santa Teresa and many others.

Tours to Avila from Madrid

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