Aranjuez is the perfect balance between city and nature. Because of its rich history, it was named as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 2001. Just south of Madrid, Aranjuez is a peaceful getaway for an afternoon while staying in the nation’s capital.

It is famous for its massive palace, beautiful nature and some of the best golfing in Spain.

In 1851, Aranjuez became easily accessible from Madrid with the construction of the famous Strawberry train, the second railway ever in Spain.

Aranjuez was put on the map on an international scale in 1939 when composer Joaquin Rodrigo composed the Concierto de Aranjuez, a famous piece for the classical guitar that gained international acclaim.

The Royal Palace is by far the most striking building in thecity. Commonly known as Mariblanca, it is a wide palace with the Palacio Real in front of it.

From the Habsburg period, it has a red and white external face.

The island gardens are located behind the palace and are gorgeous.

There are streams that run through the premises and many intricate fountains.

It is a must see when in Aranjuez.

Other highlights include the Saint Pascual’s Royal Convent, built in the late 18 th century; Charles III’s Royal Theatre; Medinaceli Palace; Godoy and Osuna Palaces; Silvela’s Palace; Alpajes Church; and the Town Hall.

The parks and gardens in Aranjuez are perhaps the best part of the city.

Check out Isle Garden, Parterre garden, Prince’s Garden, the historical thickets and woodlands, and Isabella II’s Garden.

If you are in Aranjuez in summertime go to the Tajus River, bring some traditional Spanish food and have a picnic under the sun. There will be locals doing the same thing so you will fit right in.

Try the regional strawberries, which are always delicious and sweet.