The Royal Palace

Madrid is the capital of Spain, which means it is the center of Spanish politics, culture and the monarchy. Although Barcelona may be more popular, no city is more important than Madrid in the country.

Madrid is home to Spanish monarchy, King Juan Carlos and the rest of the royal family.

The Royal Palace of Madrid is not the King’s home however, and is more of a symbolic building that is used for government and other ceremonies and events. King Juan Carlos instead lives in the Palacia de la Zarzuela on the outer edge of Madrid.

The palace was constructed in the 18 th century and over two hundred and seventy years have passed since construction began on the same building that stands today.

Spanish monarchs used to live in the palace until the beginning of the twentieth century.

The land that it rests upon has had loads of history rest upon its shoulders. Over twelve hundred years ago, this site was a fortress that was used for centuries. It was later replaced with a castle that would burn down in 1734.

It was soon after this that builders were commissioned to begin creating the Royal Palace of Madrid in its place.

Located on what is now Calle de Bailen, in downtown western Madrid, the palace can be visited by locals and tourist almost every day.

The palace is massive, spreading over one million square feet and containing well over three thousand rooms.

Decorated with many statues and priceless art work, the palace is not to be missed. The building itself is a pleasure to the eyes with detailed and unique architecture spanning the entire structure.

The building contains two famous plazas: America and Oriente, along with two gorgeous, elaborate gardens: Campo del Moro and Sabatini.