Just a half hour drive north of Madrid, Segovia is nothing short of spectacular. One look at the city and you will be happy you made the journey to it.

Few places in Spain can match its beauty. Next to the Guadarrama Mountains, Segovia is one of nine towns that make up the state of Castile and Leon.

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Weather can be very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer, so it is usually better to visit in the latter season. Like Toledo, UNESCO named Segovia a World Heritage City in 1985.

Segovia has two defining features, both of which are nothing short of stunning.

The first is the Aqueduct. Built around 100 A.D. it is a prime example of Roman engineering. Spanning 818 meters, the Aqueduct is a sight for the eyes and was used for almost two thousand years to bring water into the city. With one hundred and sixty six arches composed of over twenty five thousand granite blocks it is one of the most impressive structures in all of Spain.

It can be found in the Plaza del Azoguejo but can be seen from all over the city. The second feature is the Segovia Cathedral. This is the last gothic cathedral built in Spain and one of the most beautiful.

It is hard to decide whether it is more attractive in the day with the mountains in its background or lit up and golden under the black night’s sky.

Over four hundred years old, the Cathedral is another icon of Segovia. Its bell tower, at 90 meters high, is the highest structure in the city and can be seen from anywhere. At the time of its construction, it was the tallest structure in all of Spain.

There is much more to see in Segovia, aside from these two incredible pieces of architecture.

The Alcazar of Segovia is an ancient royal palace over one thousand years old. The Alcazar gardens should not be missed either. With many museums, arches, churches and tons of other things to absorb, Segovia is a memorable and unique day trip from Madrid.

Tours to Segovia from Madrid

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