Prado Museum

There is no better place in the world to see Spanish art than the Museo del Prado, also known as the Prado Museum.It is the largest and most well known art museum in Spain, located on El Paseo del Prado and was originally built in the 1700s in the Neo-Classical style.

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Some of the paintings found here date back over nine hundred years ago and are still on display today. The Prado is considered one of the most impressive art galleries and museums in the world, ranked seventh in Europe and is the most visited gallery in Europe besides those in London and Paris.

It truly holds within its walls an entire culture and some of the most important canvases ever painted on.

The museum is open every day of the year except for New Years, Christmas day and May 1 st , a city-wide holiday in Madrid. Otherwise, hours are from ten in the morning until eight at night. Admission is twelve Euros with some discounts available.

So much artwork is contained here that it is hard to believe, and even harder to see everything it offers. There are over twenty thousand pieces of art in its collection.

Many of the paintings acquired were originally in the Royal collection of the monarchy of Spain. The building itself has been open as this museum for just less than two hundred years.

In that time they have grown their collection to include the largest collection of Spanish art work, a vast holding of Italian artwork and many other paintings, drawings and sculptures from France, Germany, Britain and other nations.

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