El Escorial

The Royal Seat of San Lorenzo de El Escorial is where the King of Spain has lived throughout the past centuries and is the most important monument of the Spanish Monument. Just over a half hour drive northwest from Madrid, El Escorial is one of the most important landmarks in Spain.

Inside the premises are the royal palace, the monastery, a museum and a school. This idea was King Phillip II’s, wanting a monument to bury his father and an impressive palace on the global scale.

El Escorial

It has been a UNESCO Heritage Site for almost thirty years. The building and its grounds are quite beautiful and from a distance they jump out from the countryside.

El Escorial is important to Spain because this is where the Spanish kings of the last five hundred years have been buried in the Royal Pantheon. There is so much more in this complex however that is mostly four stories with towers on each of the four corners.

The center of El Escorial is the Basicila of San Lorenzo el Real. This is one of the most breathtaking places in the world, fusing brilliantarchitecture, painting and sculpture together. The center of the church is covered with a large dome, which is the cross like building’s most defining feature.

The Palace of Phillip II is beside the Basicila and actually looks into the church from his bedroom. The Hall of Battles is where paintings depicting all of Spain’s military victories, many of which were against the French army.

There is an art gallery and an architectural museum. One of the most beautiful places in the premises is the Garden of the Friars.

There is also a massive library that has more than forty thousands volumes of books. The library itself is a piece of art with a stunning roof made up of different paintings.

Tours to El Escorial

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