Madrid Tapas Tour

We’d like to invite you to enjoy the experience of “ir de tapas”, as madrileƱos do.

You will discover hidden spots, even in the very heart of Madrid, each of which has something special to offer, be it a typical dish, a specific type of wine or its atmosphere.

Get into the swing of things: go to a bar, enjoy your wine and your free tapa, order something extra to eat if it catches your fancy and, once you’ve finished, move on to the next venue. It’s as simple as that! Be ready to stand. We do.

Live the experience “irse de tapas” as MadrileƱos do.

A true and unforgettable experience of wines and tapas

Get ready to stand and drink without haste, tasting a fantastic parade of dishes and wines from various regions of Spain, who have always found their place in the crucible that is Madrid.

By the end of the evening you will have discovered the key to wine and gastronomy (some of it is for the fearless only!) through the history of the origin of this dishes. Some are rooted several hundred years ago, as old as the streets we will stroll along. Madrid’s 17th Century by the glass.